Soul Song Journeys Exercises

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Soul Song Journeys Exercises



on Ancient Pathways

a 31 week retreat in daily life








About the Retreat

This retreat is for people who desie a new and deeper interior journey of the heart.  It is for those who stand at the crossroads of their spiritual life looking and listening deeply to the voice of the Spirit whisper "ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way, and walk in it" (Jer 6:16)

It would suit those who have completed the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, but it is not exclusively for those people.

Ancient Pathways

On this journey you will travel the ancientk pathways of the mysteries of the Rosary, the Vices and Virtues, and journey for a short while with the great heries of our faith who left behind the old and set out on new pathways folowing the call of God.  

 Structure of the Journey

The Journey is made up of five song cycles of prayer exercises which incorporatee praying with scripture, music, art and the basic elements of creation - earth, wind/air,water and fire.


For more information about the retreat, and how to apply, download a flyer here.