Spiritual Direction

A place to nurture the soul with refreshment, enlightenment and peace.

Spiritual Direction


Come navigate the waterways

of your soul in a peaceful

sacred conversation

and enjoy the tranquility of a gondola ride

with Jeshua and your director


Spiritual Direction enables you

  • To identify and trust your experience of God

  • To connect to your own inner wisdom

  • To integrate spirituality into your daily life

  • To discern and make difficult choices

  • To share your hopes, struggles and losses

  • To attend to interior movements to draw further nourishment and refreshment

  • To develop and deepen you personal relationship with God


The Process 

  • Spiritual direction takes place in a prayerful and trusting conversation by

  • Monthly phone, skype or face to face meetings

(Note: Skype is downloaded free from the NET. Skype to Skype communications are free. You may need to purchase a webcam and/or earphones).


The Cost

  • Suggested donation $50 each direction session. This is negotiable.

  • The cost should not prevent or inhibit your desire to undertake spiritual direction, you are welcome to give as your circumstances allow.


Contact Details

Please contact me for further information and/or to arrange an initial interview.
This may be face to face or via skype or telephone.